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At a very young age, I was already stimulated to collect my first specimens for the local history museum of Vleuten - De Meern (now Leidsche Rijn) by my dad and mom who were passionate historians.

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A great time to update job descriptions is during an employee’s annual review, but do it more often if you need to – this might be the case if you’re a growing or changing organisation.

Regularly use it and refer to it, this way you’ll be more likely to keep it up to date.

Keep job descriptions as short as possible, you don’t want them to be an operational manual on how to do the job, but you do want to them to include all the vital skills and competencies.

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A job description: An effective job description establishes a base so that an employee can clearly understand what they need to develop personally, and contribute to your organization.They tell an employee where their job fits within the overall department and the overall company.They help employees from other departments, who must work with the person hired, understand the boundaries of the person's responsibilities.Strict adherence to an outdated job description by the employee would of course be counter productive and could help the employee in filling a complaint or grievance.An up to date and accurate job description however could work in your defense or favour.Long standing roles may have been filled by one person for many years with them assuming new responsibilities or leaving out tasks that didn’t work as well.