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Related: Jake Gyllenhaal thinks Hollywood is getting more gay-friendly The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw called it “almost – but not quite – a Dales Brokeback,” similar in its poignant tone, though with a different context.

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Erika also had a relationship with the actress Therese Giehse, and appeared in the film about lesbianism Colm Tóibín has pointed out that during this period Erika and Klaus "wrote articles and books and made outrageous statements; they travelled, they had many lovers.

Erika worked in the theatre and appeared in films, Klaus wrote more plays.

Erika trained as an automobile mechanic and in 1931 participated in a rally, driving ten thousand kilometers in ten days." (14) In January 1932, Erika Mann was asked to read a poem by Victor Hugo to a women’s pacifist group. The Stormtroopers attacked the audience with their chairs, shouting themselves into paroxysms of anger and fury." The Nazi newspaper, , reported that Mann was "a flatfooted peace hyena" with "no human physiognomy".

However, a group of Sturmabteilung (SA) men were in the audience and they heckled her. Mann sued for damages and after examining several photographs of her the judge declared that her face was in fact legally human." (15) Mann now became heavily involved in politics.

(5) In 1924, Klaus Mann wrote , a play about "a neurotic quartet of four boys and girls" who "were madly in love with each other".

The following year he was approached by the actor Gustaf Gründgens, who wanted to direct the play with himself in one of the male roles, Klaus in the other; Erika Mann and Pamela Wedekind, the daughter of the playwright Frank Wedekind, would be the two young women.

In other words, they took full advantage of the freedoms offered by the Weimar Republic.

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For brief moments I think I see just a little Jewishness showing through, and every time that happens it greatly amuses me." (2) It is claimed that the parents were disappointed that their first child was a girl.

One of his biographer's, Richard Winston, has claimed: "Never in his whole life was he to admit openly to that defect, except in the deep privacy of his diaries.

Yet he nursed this secret as a source of pleasure, of interest, of creative power." (8) The Mann family lived in luxury.

They both dressed similarly and celebrated their birthdays on the same date." They were followed by Gottfried (1909), Monika (1910), Elisabeth (1918) and Michael (1919).

(3) Although her mother came from a Jewish family, all the six children were baptised as Protestants.