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While talking with one of the officers from the Victoria unit, he informed me that they have a data bank of most of the Canadian crash sites that have been reported and investigated over the years.

Have you ever approached them to see if they would share this information?

The 2 others are being restored at sites in Pima, California, and Akron, Ohio.

Watson Lake’s B-26 belongs in a Yukon museum, rather than a museum down south.

He was repairing a ditch and he said the aircraft came very close overhead and crashed into the trees on the other side of the road.

They have ten planes now, carrying from four to 12 passengers on regular schedules, but most of their business is freight. Ted's got back about 0,000 of his 0 already, and the company's took in about ,000. "You know," he said suddenly, "It makes me homesick to think of what's back there.

The house and the car, the fellows all around, the bush country with its miners and trappers , Hunyaks, Canucks, breeds, the airplanes coming down on lakes lost from the world.' At Red Lake, they damn near needed a traffic cop last summer.

Of the aircraft that came down on the BC-Yukon border, all 3 have found their way into the hands of collectors.

One has been restored to flight capability and is housed at the 'Fantasy of Flight museum' in Polk, Florida.