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1967: Edward Theodore "Teddy" Riley (US singer-songwriter, keyboardist, record producer).

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Smith, who was previously convicted of sexual abuse of a 16-year-old in Arkansas, is being held without bail.He faces up to 90 years in prison without parole and a fine of up to 0,000 if convicted of all three counts against him at his trial, currently scheduled to begin on Sept. On April 5, Arapahoe County, Colo., deputies raided the home and offices of photographer James Steven Grady, who also operated the True Teen Babes and True Teen Cams Web sites.In the raid, which interrupted live chat session featuring a scantily clad 18-year-old “model,” deputies seized more than 100,000 images of teenage girls, including 220 featuring underage girls posing nude or partially nude, police said.Grady, 42, has pleaded innocent to 886 felony counts of violating a state statute against sexual exploitation of children. Attorney Todd Graves said that investigators had seized copies the child pornography that Smith allegedly was selling and had obtained guilty pleas from three ancillary figures in the case, who apparently are cooperating with authorities.

email me and ask me to remove their links because they want to lay low,” said Mundy, the operator of the Bayou Girls site.‘CLEARLY EXPLOITIVE’ “Where we are focused is the sexual exploitation of juveniles, and this is clearly exploitive of young girls who are not old enough to sign contracts or make a variety of life’s decisions,” he said.In the case of the Arkansas couple, the videotape seized during a search of the home and the circumstances in which the search warrant was obtained are expected to be key as prosecutors seek to prove that they violated a state law barring “engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print medium.” Prosecutor Tom Tatum II told that the material on the tape was “significantly more explicit” than the images of the daughter on the Web site, though “a couple of the photos (posted there) maybe crossed the line as well.” A news group posting requesting donations to help pay the Cummingses’ legal expenses, which was sent from the same email account that James Cummings used to register his daughter’s Web site, described the videotape as being 3-years-old — shot when the daughter was 9 — and stated that it did not contain nudity.and kind of opaque nudity through sheer clothing.” Grady’s attorney, Andrew Contiguglia, hinted during a preliminary hearing on May 29 that he will argue that the photos were fashion photos that had artistic merit, telling the court, “I have not heard anything related to sexual purpose.” The artistic merit argument has been used successfully by a number of photographers to defend their images of nude or partly nude children.But Robinson, the undersheriff, said it isn’t likely to carry much weight given the circumstances in which the photos were taken.Douglas, chairman of the board of the Free Speech Coalition, an adult-industry trade association, said such an approach is “utterly unconstitutional” as well as unnecessary. “If there are Web sites that are literally promoting child porn, those laws already exist.